Frequent Questions


▶ What are your PC components?

In the Mi Setup section, you'll find all the equipment I use to record my videos and work in general.

▶ I wrote you but didn't get any answer.

I do my best to try to read every message I receive. However due to the amount of people following me it becomes impossible to see all of them.

If the reason for your message is related to work and meets the requirements stated in this section, you can contact me via email:

This address is only for working purposes. Beyond this context I may not be able to answer you.

Any kind of spam will be automatically blocked.

▶ Could you work in my game?

Unfortunately I have no time to work in more projects at present.

▶ Are you looking for people to work in your projects?

Occasionally I need to hire the services of freelance artists for sporadic tasks. In case you are interested don't hesitate to send me your Portfolio to and it will be checked when I need to find artists.

▶ Which Software do you use to develop your video games?

The games I work in are built using Unity Engine. The art is often carried out by freelance artists, therefore I am unable to answer for this.

▶ Can you promote my project?

If you are a business you can check the Promotions section.

As for small indie game studios with limited budget, it could be that one of your game mechanincs or visual effect is interesting enough to be shared with my audience. In that case we could think of a free collaboration in exchange for audiovisual content showing how that mechanic/effect works from the inside.

Additionally I reserve the right to promote projects voluntairily if I wish. However any kind of spam or persistent messages will automatically discard your game.

▶ Do you give talks/conferences?

Yes, I am open to give talks. It would just be a matter of negotiating the price under the conditions specified. Travel expenses would be provided by the event organization as well as accommodation, subsistence allowance or any other expense that could emerge due to the event.

▶ Do you collaborate with video game development schools?

I don't usually work with schools except for a sporadic talk about my job. My rate would vary according to the content and its length. Since it's an exceptional collaboration, under no circumstances this would give the school the right to use my image for promotional purposes of the whole course since I am not part of it.

On the other hand, I don't advertise game development schools because I can't recommend a course that I haven't attended entirely.

I am neither available to work as a teacher nor take part in school projects.